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Engage with your music more. Experience active listening.

This visualizer app for iPad creates mesmerizing scenes in which colorful circles and waves spawn and move across the screen. The objects eminate from a central playball the flows and beats to the music. Choose between several scenes and control how the objects react to the audio data by adjusted trigger threshold values. Sounds complicated, but it's very easy, or you can just let it do its own thing!


There are many music visualizer available for almost every platform and music player, so it was a challenge to create something completely unique. We achieved that with this app.

No other music visualizer gives the user so much control over the scene. With most other visualizers, you're able to choose between objects, colors, and speeds; and the music playback is an after thought. With, we give the user total control. You can choose colors, speeds, life spans, quantity, movement, and adjust the audio level threshold at which it all happens. But the true uniqueness is in the playball — a central black sphere that moves and beats with the sound. We developed what we call a soundline, which is a sinusoidal wave that determines it's amplitude based on the level of the audio. It's very cool and the playball rides it!

Our role

We developed this project from the ground up. We provided the inspiration, lead the design, found the programmer, managed the development, and implemented the website. The app is available on the App Store and we highly recommend checking it out.

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