Mother's Farms

Mother's Farms

Organic, natural, whole grain tortilla chip products.

These tortilla chips are the bomb, seriously, and they're made with quality ingredients that are grown and sourced responsibly. We loved this project for several reasons: the people at Mother's Farms are great, the chips are great, and some of their old packaging won a graphic design award.

The old

Mother's FarmsMother's FarmsMother's Farms

Our role

The goal of this project was to create packaging that compels shoppers to buy. Since these are quality snack food products, our mindset was: "How might we evoke hunger?" We wanted to communicate the quality of the ingredients and give each SKU its own character while achieving harmony of the branding across the line. We decided the best way to do this was to represent the ingredients in their natural form, make them look fresh, appetizing, and luscious, and make that the focal point of each bag.

We worked with alex&ra design to develop the color scheme, logo, and bag templates and an illustrator to create the food illustrations. The result exceeded everyone's expectations:

The results

Try them yourself, they're great. Mother's Farms