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A fun little iOS brain game.

This project was an experiment with reskinning an iOS game. If you're not familiar with that term, it means using source code from another app as a template to recreate the app with a new look. But you're not limited to changing just the appearance, for example, with this project we not only improved the user interface, we reworked the gameplay to utilize the whole screen and add more intensity.

The original

The original app is called Impossible Rush. The point of the game is very simple — catch a colored ball on the matching colored side of a rotating wheel. The balls spawns at a regular rate and move from the top of the screen to the color wheel at a regular rate. You get a point each time you successfully match the side of color wheel to the dropping ball. Simple, easy, kind of fun, gets boring fast.

We looked at it and saw potential. After all, many of the most popular addicting are simple (ever heard of Flappy Bird?). Our goal was to remake the game and turn it into a brain game that requires skill... and looks nice.

How we made it better

We completely remade the UI, changing the colors, and adjusting and repositioning buttons. Then we added some code to make the game more engaging and exciting. Now, the color wheel is a color platform (because it makes more sense to catch a ball on a flat surface than a round one) and only one side of it is visible at the bottom of the screen. The balls spawn more rapidly as the player gets more points, and you have the chance to win by reaching 100. The rounds are short, the action picks up quickly, and it's a mental challenge.

Don't believe us? Check it out yourself — 100for100

100 dollars for 100 points — The Rules

We have a little challenge worked out for players who think they can reach 100 points in the game. We think it's so difficult (but possible) that we will give the first player to reach 100 points 100 dollars as an award. There are some rules that have to be followed in order to be eligible for the award, but nothing that crazy. You must (1) post a video that shows the device's entire screen throughout the entire round in which you score 100 points to facebook, (2) include a link to the game in the iTunes store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/100for100/id974770713) in the facebook post, (3) and be a registered Game Center user so your score of 100 shows on the Leaderboard. That's it. If you have questions the full rules can be seen here. Good luck!