Web Implementation

We deliver quality web presences that reflect the quality of your business.

We develop cutting edge websites and applications for businesses of all sizes. We have low-cost solutions for companies that need only the basics and we have the capabilities to implement complex functionalities for those needing more advanced solutions. We can do it all, and cost effectively, because we have the right tools.

The market price for a simple website that performs well and looks professional is expensive because web development agencies take hours to code each new site from scratch. And they focus on the code. Design falls by the wayside, content drops on the priority list, and you end up with an expensive 80th percentile website, leaving you with more to be desired. We see examples of this all around the web and our mission is to provide every business with a website that exceeds their expectations and at a price that make sense.

Small business websites

If you're unfamiliar with web development and you don't or have never had a website, you probably have a lot of questions. We'll detail the standards of web design and development so you know what to expect. First of all, if you don't have a domain name (URL) or hosting, you should expect to pay 10+ dollars for the domain and 10+ dollars per month for the hosting. Hosting is the leasing of a server (basically a computer hard drive) where the documents that make up a website live and the domain name is the address of those documents.

HTML and CSS are the internet standard frameworks that facilitate the creation of websites. HTML (a markup language) is the code that frames a webpage's contents and tells the web browser how to structure all of it. This content includes everything from pictures to text and contact forms. CSS (a style sheet language) is the code that tells the web browser how everything looks, including fonts, colors, positioning, scale, formatting, and more. Implementing a website that looks nice requires at least these two tools.

A standard small business website comprises 4+ main pages and 10 or fewer total pages. Basic websites need a home page, an about us page, a contact form page, an introductory page for products and/or services, and then a page each for the products and/or services. Each page must be implemented using HTML and styled using CSS. Content must be created to fill the page and the content must be formatted to make it visually appealing. That's the bulk of the work for basic websites. You can expect to pay 4500+ dollars to have a web development agency design, build, test, and launch a site of this size.

LX Labs will deliver a web presence that outshines the competition for less than half of the cost. We accomplish this by working smart. We utilize highly customizable templates and plugins and we focus on content and design. Your website reflects who you are as an individual and business. Having a modern website that looks and works great on any device is the determining factor of converting a visitor into a customer.

Price: 2000+

Advanced websites

If you have a website already, but want to add more functionality, or if you're just getting started and need a dynamic website, then you can expect the cost to be a bit higher. Advanced websites include e-commerce sites, sites that provide a service, or highly active sites that contain a lot of content. These sites require backend systems and frameworks to make the content work on its own. Depending on the desired functionalities, and the total number of pages, you can expect to pay 10000+ dollars in addition to maintenance fees with a web development agency.

Our approach focuses on delivering value. We don't over-engineer complex solutions just to flex our muscles. We evaluate the requirements and find lean, reliable solutions to fit the needs. We utilize third party tools and services when appropriate to streamline processes on our side, while leaving the heavy lifting to the leading providers. This can include anything from managing user accounts to processes orders. Outsourcing complex processes to market leaders ensures top quality performance and support. This is one example of our many strategies that enable us to deliver advanced websites at a low cost.

Price: 4000+

Content generation, marketing, and SEO

So you have a website with some information, maybe some products and/or services for sale, or a portfolio full of excellent work, but how do you get people to look at it? You need unique, valuable content and you need to market that content.

Content can range from text to videos to useful web tools. Content is anything that can be consumed or used by visitors. In order to appear at the top of search results, your website must generate valuable new content on a regular basis and must be optimized for search engines. Search engines rank highly only sites they trust. The way to build trust with search engines is to communicate with them consistently, over a long period of time, in a way they understand. This means marking up site titles and descriptions, page names and content, and information sections with the correct attributes and search engine optimized language. This practice is known as SEO (search engine optimization) and it's the foundation of many businesses' user acquisition strategies.

SEO is expensive, and that's because it's valuable and takes a lot of work. SEO encompasses everything from writing the copy for webpages to actively publishing relevant content to other sites. As your content portfolio grows, search engines have more information to evaluate, thus allowing them to determine the relevance of your site to search queries. Basic SEO plans include 1 article per week and publishing 5+ external pieces of content per month. Results happen slowly. You can expect at least 3 months from starting until you see improved rankings and at least a 1 month lag before realizing the benefit of each new piece of content thereafter.

We provide all of the content generation, marketing, and SEO services you need to excel. We offer a range of plans that match goals and budgets of all sizes.

Price: 100-2000+ per month

Website redesign

If you already have a website, and just want to refresh its look, we can help with that. Some websites may not accommodate total makeovers without changing the code, but for all of the others, we will design and implement a new look for your existing site.

Price: 1000-5000+