Our areas of expertise

Idea Development

Ideas are great, but they don't do much on their own. Ideas must be developed, tested, stretched, critiqued, adjusted, contorted, and scaled. Simple and complex ideas alike, improvement is always possible. Our strongest skill set comprises the fundamentals of developing ideas to their greatest potential. We have a knack for reframing the status quo, inspiring innovative features, uncovering hidden use cases, and turning those insights into actionable plans.

Our process is based on Stanford's Innovation through Design Thinking system. We frame the problem in the context of the current environment and then create mind maps to capture insights — mind mapping helps tease out ideas that may otherwise remain hidden, overcome mental blocks, find unique connections, realize you know more than you think, and, most importantly, induce creativity! Then we take the insights and brainstorm ideas by asking and answering "How Might We" statements: "How might we convert free users to paid users? How might we make social sharing more fun? How might we connect with current users' friends?" This part of the process generates a TON of ideas, and that's a good thing because the next step is down selecting the ideas. We focus on the ideas with the highest potential and value and begin establishing the concept's direction. Down selecting is a kind of brainstorm in and of itself because at this point we begin to define the idea's purpose. Then we prototype.

Identify your idea's full potential.

Ideas are born imperfect. Sometimes as fleeting thoughts and sometimes as grand visions. No matter the scope of the original idea, nor the current stage in its life, we will help identify its core value-added proposition and figure out how to make it awesome.

We're creative people and we've worked with a lot of different ideas. Our process focuses on discovering and developing the aspects of your idea that make it unique and powerful, and integrating those aspects into a sustainable end user solution.

Web implementation

Whether you need a full-fledged website or a simple redesign, we will deliver quality results without the high costs. Not every business needs a fancy, expensive website, sometimes all you need is a digital hub where potential customers can read about your offerings and find out more about your company.

We believe every business deserves a web presence that reflects the quality of their work. We see a lot of small businesses that have skeleton websites circa 2002, wanting redesigns, updates, and content management systems that they can actually work with, but don't want to spend the market price 10,000+ dollars to see it happen. Our web implementation services are the answer — we utilize highly customizable templates and available plugins to get small businesses the websites they deserve without costing them thousands of dollars.

For businesses that desire more complex web functionalities or a design that exceeds the capabilities of a template, we work with experts to develop innovative solutions that perform at the highest level. We strive to create cutting edge products using the best technologies without breaking the bank.

Establish credibility with a high-quality web presence.

A high-quality web presence will not only instill a sense of confidence in your customers' minds, it will supplement your digital and physical marketing efforts more effectively than any other single asset.

We implement full-fledged websites and web applications that exceed the market standard for quality and cost efficiency. We can do this because we work smart. We don't try to reinvent the wheel and we don't add unnecessary fluff. We make the internet work for us — we find existing solutions and implement customized variations of them, saving valuable resources and time.