A little bit of our history

LX Labs has existed in several forms from its beginning up to where it is now. It all really started around 2007-2008 with... Myspace. Our founder discovered he had an inclination for HTML and began showing his friends how to make their Myspace pages better. Throughout the years since then, we've been growing our knowledge base by taking on projects of all kinds. We have experience working with and designing physical and digital products and services for businesses and individuals. We're entrepreneurs and we work with entrepreneurs. To us, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a vision come to life.

The Team

Meet the creative, innovative, and motivated individuals that make LX Labs.

We deliver beautiful products

We specialize in two areas: developing ideas and building web presences. We have the experience and knowledge to make your vision a reality. Whether that's a website redesign to help support rebranding and revitalization efforts, or an innovative new app idea that could help millions, we will work with you from start to finish to deliver a top-quality product.

We are idea development experts

We show you how idea development works and then help you define and execute a plan that fits your unique situation. If you're unfamiliar or inexperienced with the world of idea development then you probably have a lot of questions to the tune of: "I have an app idea where do I start? I need a new website for my business, can I do it myself? I need new brand images, how much would that cost?" We know the answers to those questions, and a lot more, because we're self-starters and we've been there. We had to bootstrap every personal project we've ever pursued. We've built flash websites from scratch (we don't recommend this, but you learn as you go) using Dreamweaver and Flash, implemented completely custom Wordpress sites by reworking HTML and CSS extensively, managed the development of mobile apps and software in c# and Swift languages, created our own branding and graphic design with Illustrator, Sketch, and Photoshop, produced animations and videos for feature demos using Premiere Pro, and the list goes on, you get it. We can give you the best advice and help you achieve your vision because we've been there and we' figured out how to get it done well, without the AAA costs.

We know what we don't know

You can find yourself in some trouble when you think you know about something, which you don't know. One of the best pieces of advice we can give to entrepreneurs with questions is to go out and do the research, figure out what answers are already out there. Sometimes requirements and constraints necessitate bootstrapping certain aspects of development, other times, working with experts to get it right the first time, even if it breaks the budget, ends up being the right course of action. This has been our strategy and we're the company we are today because of it.

Okay, then where do we start?

We start with brainstorming.

It may sound rudimentary, but getting as many of the ideas out in the beginning saves time and effort, in more ways than one, in the long run. Our brainstorming process isn't only about idea generation, it serves several functions — alignment in terms of vision and goals; separating viable ideas from pipe dream ideas; figuring out core valued added propositions and turning those into business models. And that's only a short list of the benefits we see, time and time again. Our brainstorming process is based on Standford's Product Innovation through Design Thinking strategy — we establish the current context in the market, create a mind map of the pre-existing ideas and notions, gather insights from the mind map, frame the problem within "How Might We" statements, and then generate as many answers as possible. We down select the ideas and move towards prototyping. It's a system that works, and when you put creatives and good execution together, it works even better.